About Us

Our Vision

It is now recognized that FPGA technology can help address scale-out networking and computing challenges but the barrier to adoption remains its specialized programming model and unfamiliar development flow. As the FPGA industry started to tackle these barriers from the bottom up, Accelize looked at the bigger picture…

Our Company

Accelize is a brand of PLDA GROUP, a privately-owned, self-funded technology group that serves the embedded electronics industry since 1996. Accelize solution embodies our long time vision that FPGA computing should be as approachable as ubiquitous CPU computing. QuickPlay, QuickStore, and QuickAlliance compose this unique solution, the result of years of research in the field of High-Level Design (HLD) and High-Level Synthesis (HLS) tightly coupled with a strong expertise in FPGA technology and IP development. Accelize is proof that innovations happen when talents from different engineering perspectives are brought together to work on a common cause.