Accelize Distribution Platform for FPGA-Accelerated Software Optimized for Xilinx Live Video Streaming Appliances

Accelize Distribution Platform for FPGA-Accelerated Software Optimized for Xilinx Live Video Streaming Appliances

Accelize, a global SaaS provider, today announced its distribution platform for FPGA-accelerated software is optimized for video streaming workloads deployed on the Xilinx Real-Time Video Server Appliance reference architectures. Technology advances in block-chain and artificial intelligence and rising adoption of cloud-based solutions, as well as the impact of COVID-19, are driving explosive growth in video streaming. Industry experts expect the global online streaming services market to grow by $150 billion over the next four years. With this growth comes the need for expanded capacity and bandwidth and an increased sense of urgency to manage costs.

The Accelize Distribution Platform, combined with the recently announced Xilinx Real-Time Video Server Appliance Reference Architectures, address these issues by enabling high-quality live streaming at the industry’s lowest cost per channel. As a Xilinx Alliance ecosystem member, Accelize supports the scalable and secure deployment of Xilinx video transcoding software with a global SaaS distribution platform, which provides an end-to-end solution for deploying, scaling and monetizing FPGA-accelerated software.

“As the volume of video streaming increases exponentially, optimized architectures are becoming critical,” said Donna Yasay, vice president of marketing, Data Center Group, at Xilinx. “We’re all experiencing this today in the current COVID-19 remote work, learn and play environment — the massive increase in concurrent channel usage is taxing service provider business models and driving up bandwidth costs. The new Xilinx reference architectures provide solution providers high-quality video streaming services and maximized cost savings, while the Accelize distribution platform ensures these services can scale.”

The Accelize Distribution Platform enables evaluation of FPGA accelerated applications such as DeePoly’s image processing

“The Accelize distribution platform gives developers of high-performance, computing-intensive applications the tools and insight they need to become global SaaS vendors,” said Jean Yves Brena, president and CEO of Accelize. “We provide unprecedented levels of insight, and real-time customer activity, enabling developers to deploy and scale their applications in the way that makes the most business sense, which could be by hours of computation, concurrent nodes, or number of frames encoded.”

The Accelize distribution platform is a fully managed SaaS platform for deploying, scaling, and monetizing FPGA-accelerated software for on-premise and cloud application deployment. Based on patented digital rights management technology, the Accelize distribution platform provides the highest levels of encryption and authentication for FPGA bitstreams, 24/7 global runtime licensing services along with deep levels of business intelligence on how the accelerated workloads are deployed.

Special Offer

Accelize has a new, rebranded website that provides more information on how to leverage the benefits of its distribution platform for FPGA accelerated software. Developers can use the platform for free until reaching $250,000 in revenue.

About Accelize

Accelize is creating a global distribution platform for FPGA-accelerated software. Its peer-to-peer white-label marketplace makes domain-specific expertise and innovation from FPGA applications and IP core developers easily available to more users. The Accelize distribution platform provides a seamless environment for scaling, monetizing, and protecting intellectual property for FPGA accelerated workloads regardless of the specific FPGA in use.

By Gael Paul on 12 July 2020