Meet the composable data center! 

The data center landscape is undergoing a massive shift. COVID and the move to work from anywhere present new challenges. Performance, efficiency, manageability…data centers are rapidly trying to keep up. Modern data centers must be able to combine flexibility with scale, while future-proofing infrastructure to meet the demands of ever-evolving customer needs and applications. Enter the composable data center.

In this Xilinx Adapt 2021, you are invited to explore the vision of the new Composable Data Center in various sessions, and more about the new Xilinx app store, Powered by Accelize’s digital rights management technology. 

A new step between these two entities, which have combined their skills to offer a global customers a to support turnkey FPGA-accelerated solutions or IP cores for evaluate, purchase, and deploy of them.

  • The new SN1000 SmartNIC- realizing the composable data center
  • Accelerating big data with Amazon F1 featuring AWS
  • Migrating your cloud to Azure featuring Microsoft
  • Composable computational storage featuring Samsung
  • The future of smart retail
  • The new Xilinx App Store: containerized apps that are easy to evaluate and deploy

The ADAPT event is on March 24-25th, 8 AM Pacific time. Register now to attend this FREE two-day virtual event with live Q&A.

Featured Apps:

Discover new or popular

applications available in the App Store

Following the Xilinx App Store launch, we are excited to showcase a few ISVs. Read the executives interviews and discover amazing FPGA-accelerated applications.

Why become a seller on the App Store?

The Xilinx App Store offers a powerful platform to host, market and sell your solutions using a managed, easy to use, secure digital rights management (DRM) infrastructure of Accelize. 

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"We 're AI, Big data and geospatial experts"

Improving Geospatial Processing

Peakspeed Ortho: Orthorectification up to 500x faster.


"One day, security will be worth more than the devices"

Choosing the right TRNG

Randomness quality and its resilience are the main function of a TRNG.


"Tech that makes yours better"

*Adaptative HDR Converter*

The challenge of the HDR management throught the video processing chain.


The Accelize Team is expanding

Pauline HUMBERT 🚀

Web Development engineer

We are excited to share that Pauline Humbert has joined the Accelize team as a Web Development Engineer.

Welcome Singapore Vendor

The Accelize distribution platform offers full-services that protect, monetize, and scale your unique applications and IP cores.

From now on, you have the flexibility to host, market, and sell your applications to customers located in Singapore, with our easy-to-use digital rights management (DRM) cloud.


Over 50 leading ISVs are leveraging the Accelize Platform through the Xilinx App Store!


Please welcome the newest members of the community.

Join the leading companies using the Accelize platform


  • EDGECORTIX partners with PALTEK to bring Edge AI Hardware Acceleration Solutions to Market. Read more

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By Jean-Michel Frouin on 15 March 2021