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Following the Xilinx App Store launch, we are excited to showcase a few ISVs. Read the executives interviews and discover amazing FPGA-accelerated applications.

How become a seller on the App Store!

The Xilinx App Store offers a powerful platform to host, market and sell your solutions using a managed, easy to use, secure digital rights management (DRM) infrastructure of Accelize. 

Lorenzo Di Tucci

"Democratizing access to high computational capabilities"

Personalized Medicine and Fast Genomic Data Cleaning

A software tool built on top of Nanopolish that enables ultra-fast signal-level analysis of large datasets of Oxford Nanopore Sequencing data.

Kimmo Järvinen

“Everyone needs security, but designing security is not for everyone.”

Stefan Ott

"We provide a robust and reliable, low latency and high throughput messaging system running on Xilinx Alveo FPGA boards"

Confinity Low Latency Messaging

Make reliable low latency multicast messaging even more predictable, deterministic, and platform-agnostic.

Dirk van den Heuvel

“We make the world a little better, smarter and healthier every day”

FPGA-centric Software Acceleration Made Easy

Build (embedded) high-performance computing solutions using FPGA acceleration technology with standard software programming methods

Kaoru Kobayashi

"Axonerve is a next generation variant of the content-adressable memory (CAM)"

Ethernet KVS Acceleration by Axonerve Technology

They are developing a high throughput KVS apps using the Ethernet interface of Xilinx FPGA cards.

What’s new at Accelize?

The Accelize team is expanding!

Jean-Michel Frouin 🚀

Engineering Manager

We are excited to share that Jean-Michel Frouin  has joined the Accelize team as an Engineering Manager.

We’re Hiring!

Be our new Corporate Application Engineer! in a dynamic start-up specialized in the cloud.

Innovation Begins With Great People!

As part of our growth, we are looking for a new team member to works with us in our French office (Aix-en-Provence).

The mission will consist of developing demos and reference design, interact with customers and ensure the best user experience possible for our products.

The profile should have computer science and electronics skills, with experiences in FPGA development, C/C++ & Python programming.

He/She must show great interpersonal skills, taste for teamwork, versatility, and autonomy.

If you’re interested or know someone who’s interested in joining a fast-growing startup working on cutting-edges technologies please contact us at

Generate revenue with

your Kria K26 Adaptative SOM

Accelize announces expansion of the Alveo App Store with a brand new Kria App Store.
Kria are Xilinx adaptative System-on-Modules solutions, with pre-built hardware acceleration. Kria SOM features a custom-built Zynq® UltraScale+™ MPSoC device in a small form factor card ideal for production deployment in Smart Camera, Embedded Vision, and other Security, Retail Analytics, Smart City, and Machine Vision applications. Read more
Read the guide to protect and monetize your K26 apps. [discover steps by step etc..] Read more. 

Zynq Ultrascale Evaluation Kit compatible

with Accelize solution

The embbeded devices are trending these days!
Xilinx is leading the FPGA trend with Adaptative System-on-Modules offering based on Zynq Ultrascale+ chips.
The Accelize Distribution Platform fully supports these parts, enabling you to protect and monetize your applications developed on SoM boards.
Get started with our ZCU102 and KV260 step-by-step guides. 

Now, the users can scale, protect, and monetize their embedded applications.

Discover step-by-step our guide to used your The ZCU102 Evaluation Kit, and KV260.

Get started! 


Over 50 leading ISVs are leveraging the Accelize Platform through the Xilinx App Store!


Please welcome the newest members of the community.

Join the leading companies using the Accelize platform


  • From Xilinx Challenge Winner to App Store Seller! Last summer, Xilinx hosted the first-ever Xilinx Adaptive Computing Challenge, which challenged developers and startups to create applications using Vitis or Vitis AI on selected Xilinx hardware platforms. Read more
  • Rambus to Acquire PLDA, Extending Leadership with Cutting. Accelize was incubated within PLDA and eventually span off as an independent company. Read More
  • MoSys Announces Optimized P4 Pipeline Support Packet Classification Platform IP for FPGAs. Read More
  • AWS announces a new shell for F1 instances with increased FPGA resources and Data transfer speeds. Read More
  • Xilinx Introduced the latest evolution of its Vivado Design Suite software, Vivado ML Editions, to help developers in the electronic design automation (EDA) sector leverage machine learning algorithms and techniques to bring greater efficiency to the design process. Read More

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By Jean-Michel Frouin on 27 July 2021