Enabling Cloud Applications Acceleration

Our groundbreaking technology allows Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) to quickly and seamlessly deploy infinitely repurposable FPGA accelerators that operate within a minimal power envelope, and to enable a FAaaS model ideal for developers of Cloud applications that require high-performance, low-latency, full CPU offload compression, encryption, cryptography, deep learning, or image processing capabilities.


What Industry Leaders Are Saying

In the coming years, almost every new Microsoft server will include an FPGA. That’s millions of machines across the globe. This gives us massive capacity and enormous flexibility, and the economics work, This is now Microsoft’s standard, worldwide architecture.

Doug Burger, Sr Director/Distinguished Engineer, Microsoft

By 2020, a third of all servers inside all the major cloud computing companies will include FPGAs.

Diane Bryant, SVP, Intel

2017 is the year of the FPGA

Octave Klaba, Founder, CTO, OVH

The natural thing to do was to look for SQL acceleration—and Baidu found no better hardware than an FPGA

Jian Ouyang, Chief Architect, Baidu

General purpose computing isn’t going anywhere. […]There is a certain scale where specialized hardware and infrastructure make a lot of sense and for those who need special infrastructure, we think FPGAs are one clear way to go.

Deepak Singh, General Manager, AWS

Our FPGA Accelerators

Whether you are a developer of Cloud applications that require storage and network acceleration, video transcoding, machine learning and data analytics acceleration, or a technology company looking to develop and deploy custom FPGA accelerators in the Cloud, you’ve come to the right place…


Data Compression

x86-compliant GZIP compression accelerators with high compression ratio and up to 100x faster than CPU

Encryption & Crypto

High performance AES, MD5, 3DES, SHA encryption and crypto accelerators for maximum CPU offload

Deep Learning

Deep learning accelerators that provide superior performance/watt vs. GPU and CPU solutions

Image Processing

Image and video compression accelerators incl. JPEG2K, TICO, HEVC for high throughput and full CPU offload

Our Cloud Deployments

RunAbove by OVH

RunAbove by OVH

Learn more about OVH and how we enable OVH customers to take advantage of FPGA acceleration for their Cloud computing applications.

F1 by Amazon

F1 by Amazon

Learn more about Amazon F1 instances and how we enable AWS customers to take advantage of FPGA acceleration for their Cloud applications.


Other Cloud Deployments

Other Cloud Deployments

We are actively working with other Cloud Service Providers to offer seamless FPGA acceleration to their customers. Check back again soon.

Our Enabling Technology

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Want something slightly different or entirely custom? With our Solution, customize an existing design or build your Accelerator from scratch and in no time – no FPGA expertise required.

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Learn about the technology that powers our Solution and enables the development of FPGA accelerators in record time and with no FPGA skills, the result of years of research in high-level design.

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