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Marketing manager at Axonerve

"Axonerve is a next generation variant of the content-adressable memory (CAM)"


Can you describe in a few words who you are and your activity at Axonerve?

I am Kaoru Kobayashi, Marketing manager at Axonerve team.

Axonerve technology is developed by Japanese company, NAGASE CO., LTD.

I started Axonerve project from 2013.

 How do you summarize the Axonerve value proposition?

Axonerve is our original technology that focus on Look up engine, we can accelerate like a “Key Value Store” with H/W algorism.

It’s very unique and powerful H/W type engine, it adapt Big capacity, with “high through put” and “low latency”.

Ethernet KVS by Axonerve

As you know KVS is a one of a good solution for big data analytics, but I think the needs for more faster data processing will increase in the future.

In this “Ethernet KVS App”, we use Ethernet I/F as the data input with a Xilinx Alveo card, then high-speed processing by FPGA and card side.

Thanks for Xilinx AppStore, we can start to access to S/W engineer for developing accelerated solution.

For accelerating server-side application, we should collaborate FPGA solution vender and S/W side engineers.

For the next step

We are planning next Apps for “Redis server accelerating” solution based on this “Ethernet-KVS” app. 

We can offer you more benefits with our next “Redis Server” app.

Ethernet KVS

Key Value Store (KVS) is a valid technique in systems such as telecommunications directories, IP transfer tables, and deduplication storage systems...

Contact info

Follow Axonerve and stay informed on Linkedin and Youtube.

Kaoru kobayashi

Marketing Manager



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By Jean-Michel Frouin on 9 March 2021