We’re excited to announce our newest customer Bluespec

About Bluespec

Develop tools and IP that removed barriers for developers

Bluespec was founded by a team of experts from the embedded systems and hardware industry. The mission was to develop tools and IP that removed barriers for developers. Their team has a long history of innovations enabling the hardware world to design and program at the speed of software.

With the emergence of RISC-V, Bluespec has bolstered their commitment to this mission by introducing industry-leading technology that allows for easy core evaluation, software development, acceleration, and verification. Bluespec is also known for its open source IP family of cores.

Bluespec’s leadership is active in the community, as a member of the Open-HW organization, serving on the RISC-V Foundation Board of Directors and chairing the Formal Model Technical Committee.

We take the risk out of RISC-V to enable you to achieve the highest levels of quality, performance and innovation.

Bluespec Inc

How the Accelize Distribution Platform

fits Bluespec needs?

Bluespec uses the Accelize Distribution Platform to securely deliver and license their RISC-V IP Cores.

The Accelize solution enables Bluespec customers to freely evaluate the RISC-V IP Cores before selecting the best business model when deploying in production.

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By Jean-Michel Frouin on 29 April 2021