Welcome to NM ROBOTIC

Welcome to NM ROBOTIC

We’re excited to announce our newest customer NM Robotic.

About NM Robotic

A family owned small business

Founded in 2013 and based in Linz / Austria and Los Angeles / CA, NM Robotic is dedicated to the autonmous vehicle market for hobbists and professionals. A combination of cost effective technology and superior performance gives NM Robotic its market leading competitive advantage. Superior performance, ease of integration and a professional supply chain throughout the world make NM Robotic the brand of your choice.

NM Robotic offers specialized expertise in the technology fields of FPGA based mining of cyrpto currencies; Navigation and Control for UAVs and autonomous cars; Formal verification of cyberphysical systems in real time and offline; Industrial cybersecurity for PLCs

Our mission is to help other companies to bring its proprietary, disruptive technology to different markets.

NM Robotic

How the Accelize Distribution Platform

fits NM Robotic needs?

NM Robotic uses the Accelize Distribution Platform to protect and license their FPGA applications.

Thanks to the flexibility of the Accelize Distribution Platform, NM Robotic can monetize its solutions with business models suitable for each customer.

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By Jean-Michel Frouin on 22 July 2021