We’re excited to announce our newest customer Xelera.

About Xelera

Developer of a big data analytics platform

Xelera’s software makes state-of-the-art accelerator technology accessible to commercial applications in the data center and in the cloud.

Due to the growing data volume and emerging demand for real-time analytics, businesses are increasingly required to build up accelerated data processing capabilities. FPGAs and GPUs will become an integralpart of tomorrow’s data centers, cloud services and IoT infrastructure, powering a broad range of constantly evolving business applications.

Accelerator technology can provide orders-of-magnitude acceleration to business-critical applications using Big Data analytics, machine learning, database management and to IoT infrastructures. FPGAs boost the energy efficiency of data center servers and can substantially reduce TCO.

Combining top technical expertise with management expertise and tight links into the ecosystem.


How the Accelize Distribution Platform

fits Xelera needs?

IP core providers are increasingly concerned about protecting their investments against piracy, unintended or unlicensed use of their IP blocks.

Good protection is mandatory to deliver intellectual properties to partners and customers.

In order for Xelera to meet this need, the Accelize distribution platform provides a DRM that allows IP cores to be delivered and sold securely.

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By Jean-Michel Frouin on 6 April 2021