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“We make the world a little better, smarter and healthier every day”


Can you describe in a few words who you are and your activity at TOPIC?

My name is Dirk van den Heuvel. I joined TOPIC Embedded Systems in 2007 as an embedded architect. Around 2013 TOPIC Embedded Products was established, introducing a family of embedded productivity solutions in the market. As Product Manger I am now responsible for the products portfolio and of them in our sales. A major part of my role is helping our customers with the design-in of TOPIC development services and products.

 How do you summarize the TOPIC’s value proposition?

Nearly 25 years TOPIC provides customers worldwide with consultancy and development services, standard products and healthcare solutions in the embedded domain.

Our mission statement “We make the world a little better, healthier and smarter every day” reflects exactly what we do: developing innovative systems for our customers. The way we do this, is by combining our customers domain specific know-how with our expertise in hardware and software development. This results in the most optimal product for our customer.

TOPIC has a strong background in developing systems, which can contain embedded-, application- and cloud software, FPGA code and PCB designs. We help customers in different domains such as medical, imaging, machine control & safety. With over 150 employees, we are a strong and established company with multiple locations in the Netherlands. TOPIC has an ISO13485 (medical) certified Quality Management System. Projects follow pre-defined phases, gated with milestone-passing criteria and reports.

The TOPIC products are a series board and software products. The board products are in-house developed Miami System-on-Modules (SOMs), based on Xilinx System-on-Chip (SOC) devices supported by a variety of Florida development kits. The software products are clustered around Dyplo, an FPGA virtualization product for FPGA functional integration in a typical software development context. The products offered by TOPIC are intend to improve development efficiency, shorten development time and reduce certification effort.

Dyplo is the first TOPIC product that is offered via the recently launched Xilinx App Store.

Can you tell a bit more about Dyplo and why the App Store is so suitable as a distribution channel?

Dyplo is an acronym for DYnamic Process Loader. It makes FPGA functionality more easy accessible for software developers without the burden to master the entire FPGA design flow. It incorporates Xilinx Dynamic Function eXchange technology in combination with TOPICs smart FPGA based Network-on-Chip infrastructure and Linux/Windows application software integration. This way, the FPGA can be seen as a thread pool.

Dyplo is applicable for SOC-centric applications, implementations using Xilinx Alveo accelerator cards and in a cloud context. The Xilinx App Store can be a valuable means addressing this diverse development audience of potential users.

Dynamic Process Loader

Dyplo provides on demand reconfigurable function blocks on the FPGA, wrapped in a high-performance and effective Network-on-Chip.

Which benefits will you get from offering the Dyplo product via the Xilinx App Store? And what about your customers?

The Xilinx App Store is a promising new distribution channel, allowing new business models compared to the more traditional applied IP license models. This fits the intended usage scenarios of our Dyplo virtualization IP and tooling very well. The App Store enables deployment of the IP in a cloud context, local data center configuration as well in an application specific embedded product with flexible licensing configurations. It also helps to expand the awareness of our solutions with simplified evaluation methods.

Deployment of Dyplo and related IP products via the Xilinx App Store makes it very convenient for customers to evaluate our products, get the required software and related licenses in a reliable and easy way.

Contact info

Follow Topic Embedded Systems on Linkedin or visit www.topic.nl

please contact sales@topicproducts.com for more information about Dyplo and the supported platforms.

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By Jean-Michel Frouin on 18 May 2021