Co-Founder of Huxelerate

"Democratizing access to high computational capabilities"


 Can you describe in a few words who you are and your activity at Huxelerate?

My name is Lorenzo Di Tucci, co-founder of Huxelerate.

I am leading the technological development of the company and responsible of the development and evolution of our core products.

 How do you summarize the Huxelerate’s value proposition?

A technology that breaks down programmability barriers by providing a complete hardware-agnostic and automatic acceleration experience. While customer focus on the development of their proprietary application, Huxelerate technology automatically optimizes and provides high performance implementations of their application.

Huxelerate technology raises the level of abstraction allowing data scientist, with little to no background on hardware programming to reduce time to result and acceleration cycle time of data analysis application.

Huxelerate is a flagship of the recently launched Xilinx App Store. Which benefits will you get from it? And what about your customers?

We are super happy to join the brand new Xilinx App Store after many years of fruitful collaboration with Xilinx.

The great exposure offered by the new Xilinx App Store allows us to expand our customer base, and demonstrate the acceleration provided by Huxelerate Technology to a wider audience coming from Xilinx ecosystem.

Customers interested in Huxelerate solutions, have now access to a more complete a flexible business model that can be personalized for each use-case. Furthermore, each application released by Huxelerate will come with a fully free trial to test the technology!

Contact info

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Huxelerate Srl – P.IVA 10992740968 Via San Martino 12, Milan 20122, Italy


+39 02 4590 2000

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By Jean-Michel Frouin on 30 March 2021