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of Aupera Technologies

"Making Video Alive is Aupera’s core mission"

Aupera Technologies

Can you describe in a few words who you are and your activity at Aupera Technologies?

My name is Roy Liao. I am the Founder and CEO of Aupera Technologies, a Video AI solution innovation company.  

 How do you summarize Aupera’s value proposition?

Aupera is an edge computing technology innovation company focusing on providing complete video AI application solutions.

Based on CPU+FPGA heterogeneous computing architecture, Aupera solution features in high-efficiency, low latency, adaptability and scalability, provides cutting edge video process and real-time AI analytics solution to diverse AIoT scenarios. 

Aupera’s FPGA based video management and AI analytics full solution covers plug and play camera management software, video streaming, jpeg and video encoding, video management software, and API integration with Cloud IoT platform, as well as commercially deployable AI applications widely used in smart city, smart building, smart retail and smart industry compliance scenarios, helping to accelerate the exponentially growing video analytics applications from edge to cloud.

Aupera is a flagship of the recently launched Xilinx App Store. Which benefits will you get from it? And what about your customers?

We are very excited about the launch of Xilinx App Store as it really enables us to offer our various video AI applications to customers in a very convenient and secured way.

Most importantly, it has given us the flexibility of offering different paying options to our customers covering free evaluation, pay-per-use, floating or permanent node lock license, which helps customers to experience our product offering much quicker and easier without having to worry too much upfront payment, while keeping our IP secured.

This has significantly shortened our time of exploration and implementation of such flexible business model. We will continue to expand our product offering on Xilinx App Store to meet the continuously growing customer requirements. 

Aupera Facial Recognition Solution

The solution features high accuracy achieved by agile FPGA computing platforms on the edge, ensuring data privacy and sovereignty for end customers...

Xilinx-Aupera Video Machine Learning

Video Machine-learning Streaming Server (VMSS) is a software application designed to function as a ‘server’ process to provide video analytic services...

Contact info

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Please contact sales@auperatech.com for more info about Aupera Technologies product offering in Smart World. 

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By Jean-Michel Frouin on 13 May 2021