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"We provide a robust and reliable, low latency and high throughput messaging system running on Xilinx Alveo FPGA boards"

Confinity Solutions

 Can you describe in a few words who you are and your activity at Confinity Solutions?

My name is Stefan Ott. I’m the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Confinity Solutions. My career spans Deutsche Boerse, Reuters and IBM. At Deutsche Boerse, I worked as Head of Marketing Information Systems, at Reuters (now Refinitiv) Global Head of Common Platform for Content Management, and at IBM I had a role of worldwide sales and business development for Financial Markets Industry.

My story with Confinity Solutions begins with the acquisition of IBM’s Websphere MQ LLM and Websphere Front Office software products, one a high-performance low latency solution and the other a market data distribution infrastructure. Since then Confinity Solutions supports Financial Market’s clients including tier 1 and tier 2 Stock Exchanges around the world.

What is Confinity Low Latency Messaging’s value proposition?

Confinity Low Latency Messaging (CLLM) is the successor product to the IBM WebSphere MQ Low Latency Messaging software. The CLLM software is available on Windows, MacOS and Linux platforms and offers a highly reliable multicast and unicast solution.

Confinity LLM plays to its strengths in environments requiring extreme low-latency and high message volumes and extremely high quality of service. The Confinity Solutions’ building blocks are ideal for this new world of exchanges which are multi asset, multi model (call auction, agency trading networks, and alternate auction models), all dependent on flexible, robust technology.

With CLLM, customers gain greater levels of performance especially for latency and throughput when close to 100 mio messages can be processed with latencies of single digit milli- and micro- seconds.

The next generation version of CLLM is FPGA based utilizing Xilinx Alveo FPGA Acceleration Cards. Performance improvements are achieved through deep pipelining techniques and offloading CLLM functions onto free running kernels on FPGA NIC card. With CLLM message processing at Ethernet line rates (clock cycles) we can achieve latency speed up to 20 times compared to a CPU based solution.

Confinity Solutions is a member of Xilinx App Store.

How will Xilinx customers benefit from this?

Confinity Low Latency Messaging (CLLM) is available on the Xilinx App Store and allows clients to trial our software running on latest FPGA technology from Xilinx. The CLLM demo version can be deployed on-prem servers as well as cloud-based environments with Xilinx Alveo boards.


Confinity Low Latency Messaging (CLLM) addresses these challenges with solutions designed for reliable multicast and unicast messaging...

Contact info

Visit www.confinity-solutions.com and stay informed on Linkedin.


Stefan Ott

Managing Director, CEO | Confinity Solutions
p: +49 (6196) 97350-0
e:  stefan.ott@confinity-solutions.com

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By Jean-Michel Frouin on 20 April 2021