By Gael Paul
on 04 Feb 2020 3:07 PM

As FPGA innovators ourselves, we know first-hand how difficult it is to extract the real value of FPGA-accelerated software. The main problem is legacy business model - upfront licensing - that simply denies the true value of your innovations. The solution is to adopt Software-as-a-Serivce models that are win-win for you and your customers. You will satisfy your customers’ expectations for on-demand, consumption-based, scalable, instant global access to your products. And while doing it, you will achieve the holy grail of recurring revenue - subscriptions and pay-per-use. And last but not least, with real-time business intelligence of all user executions around the globe, you will obtain invaluable insights into your business and capture opportunities to upsell, cross-sell, and product improvements.

We put our heart and souls building a full-service turnkey platform ... to help you to boost your revenue! 



2019 - WHAT A YEAR!

★ The Accelize family expanded with many additional ISVs - V-NOVA, Myrtle.aib<>com, Secure-IC, Silex Insight, DeePoly, GROVF 

★ World first multi-tenant FPGA application - 4K HEVC encoder that combines NGCodec HD encoder IP with V-Nova P+ LCEVC compression

★ Accelize deployment in China, with local infrastructure to ensure top-notch quality of service

★ Lots of FPGA vendors innovations: VITIS, Alveo U50 and Versal from Xilinx - OneAPI and Agilex from Intel

★ A fast growing ecosystem:

  • Xilinx Developer Forums in San Jose, La Hague and Beijing. Amazing shows that gathered over 5,000 people and showed so many innovations, especially data-centers applications.
  • Many new ISVs from all around the world - AI, Image, Video, Analytics, Database, Networking, Finance, Genomics - You name it!



★ Our ISV pipe is fully loaded ... stay tuned for announcements of news members in the Accelize family

★ Innovations & Enhancements - we’ll continue and even accelerate our relentless expansion of the Accelize Distribution Platform 

★ Tencent Alveo-based FPGA instances ... coming soon!

★ Azure Alveo-based FPGA instances ... coming soon!


Will 2020 be the year you transform into a global SaaS vendor and boost your revenue? 

Best regards from Accelize team!

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