By Gaetan dufourcq
on 26 Nov 2019 5:12 PM

After San Jose in CA and The Hague in NL - Check our video - Next step Asia! This December 3rd and 4th, we're exhibiting in the China National Convention center, Beijing.

Meet our team Gaetan DUFOURCQ, Senior FAE and Gael PAUL, CTO in the Alveo room 311 A, to discover how you can boost your revenue from your Alveo-accelerated applications - all from your web browser - with custom SaaS pricing models - subscriptions, pay-per-use - tailored for each customer.
Like NGCodec, V-Nova, b<>, Secure-IC, Swarm64 and others, finally receive the rewards your FPGA innovations deserve!!


We've been invited by Xilinx to participate to two distinct sessions in ROOM 311 A:

  • Protecting, Monetizing, and Scaling Secure IP Deployments on Xilinx Alveo Gaetan DUFOURCQ (December 3rd 5:15-6:15 PM) In this talk we will discuss methods for runtime protection of FPGA bitstreams, runtime licensing services, containerization, and an example of how Accelize can integrate multiple sets of IP (NGCodec, VNova and b<>com)
  • Vitis for ISV Developers & Ecosystem - Xiaoming Liang (December 4th 8:00-8:30 AM)

So, Xilinx Developer Forum ASIA is a unique opportunity to:

  • See 5 exciting demos - Video, Security, Analytics and AI - from leading-edge partners
  • Attend insightful sessions for ISVs
  • Learn how you can leverage our Distribution Platform to increase your revenue
  • Meet the Accelize team - Gaetan DUFOURCQ (Senior FAE) and Gael PAUL (CTO)

We look forward to seeing you in Beijing! LINK: XDF AGENDA

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