Looking to Deploy Your FPGA Solutions in Data Centers?

Accelize has developed a comprehensive offering based on a unique Digital Right Management Platform

Select the Business Platforms that Best Meets Your Needs

Accelize DRM platform combines unique technologies to provide a complete end-to-end licensing and metering service: a service component operated by Accelize, a software component delivered in the form of a DRM SDK and a hardware component delivered in the form of a DRM HDK.


When you select this platform, Accelize operates the licensing/metering service for your FPGA solution deployed in data center infrastructures. This allows you to implement any business model securely. You then bill your customers according to their usage reported to you by Accelize.

Accelize Runtime platform diagram

Built on top of the DRM Platform, Accelize Business Operations Platform provides services such as Billing, Invoicing, Revenue Collection and Revenue Distribution (when 3rd party IPs are involved). When you select this platform, Accelize will collect revenue from your customers and will pay you back (minus a distributor commission). 


When selecting this platform for the deployment of your accelerators, you also leverage Accelize’s legal framework.

Accelize Business Operations Platform diagram


Leveraging the other 2 platforms, you can publish your product on an online Store which represents a great way to increase your product exposure, enables easy evaluation of your solution and bring new qualified leads. Accelize operates AccelStoreTM but also specific stores in partnership with Cloud Service Providers and FPGA vendors. Please ask us for more details.


In addition, you benefit from Accelize’s deployment expertise in Packaging & Delivery, Cloud Provisioning, Version Management and Remote Execution through Accelize’s RESTFul API (APYFAL) to simplify and accelerate the deployment of your products in the Cloud or on-premise.

Accelize eCommerce Platform diagram

Digital Rights Management (DRM) Platform for FPGA's

Accelize DRM Platform controls the execution of FPGA designs and IP wherever they are deployed.

This platform enables our customers and partners to implement any business model

while deploying their FPGA solutions securely in datacenter infrastructures.

Per Node business model icon


Node Locked

Deploy your FPGA design in the form of an appliance by assigning a license to a specific board.


Enable the use of X number of FPGA designs / IP's on a pool of FPGA boards within a data center.

Metered business model icon


Data Usage-based

Monetize your FPGA design / IP based on the data it processes (# of GBytes, # of frames, # of inferences, # of API calls, ...)


Monetize your FPGA design / IP based on the operating time (Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days, ...)

Accelize Digital Rights Management Platform leverages the SALTTM technology from  Algodone logo

Securely Deploy the DRM in Your Products in 3 Easy Steps

Deployment DRM platform

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