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FPGA Developers: Join the Cloud Revolution

Accelize makes it easy to Produce, Distribute and Monetize FPGA Accelerator Functions.



Develop efficient FPGA accelerator functions with or without FPGA design expertise.

Choose from a large selection of plug-and-play hardware libraries (IP cores) from 3rd Party ecosystem partners.

Cut development time of Accelerator Functions from months to weeks (or even days)

Retarget Accelerator Functions from one Cloud or Enterprise to another with just a few clicks.



Distribute your Accelerator Functions in the AccelStore.

Reach millions of potential users worldwide.

Know that your Accelerator Functions are fully secured. (not usable without a proper license)

Provide access to all the users of Cloud Service providers.



Monetize your product as a service with our unique hardware DRM controller.

Secure payments for your products/services regardless of where they are used (Cloud or Enterprise)

Differentiate your offering thanks to our unique Pay per used business model based on time, data or any other measurable event

Our Commitment to FPGA Developers:

We provide a Fast, Easy and Economical framework to create FPGA Accelerator Function with QuickPlay, our innovative software-defined FPGA compiler, and QuickStore, a one-stop shop for IP cores. 

QuickPlay : A True Innovation in Software-Defined FPGA Development

QuickPlay is a truly unique software-centric FPGA development platform that greatly simplifies the creation and deployment of FPGA accelerators. The QuickPlay IDE allows developers with no FPGA background and no hardware expertise to customize existing accelerators or build their own accelerators from the ground up, and deploy their accelerated applications on any supported FPGA hardware platform, with unprecedented rapidity, simplicity, and flexibility.


Full Architecture Visibility

Instantly modify or totally rethink your accelerators’ architecture in a few clicks.

Flexible Dataflow Modeling

Define your own architecture, be it bump-in-the-wire or CPU offload or anything in between.

IP and HLS Integration

Seamlessly mix C functions and HDL IP together with a common C++ API.

FPGA and Hardware Agnostic

Deploy your accelerators to any of the supported FPGA platforms with a single click.

GNU Toolchain

Work in a familiar Eclipse environment, with open-source compilers and debuggers.

Software-Centric Debug

Never leave Eclipse and the software domain, even for debugging hardware.


QuickStore: The One-Stop Shop for 3rd party FPGA Libraries (IP Cores)

Developers of Accelerator Functions can find in QuickStore the needed FPGA IP cores from a large number of 3rd party providers to build their Accelerator Function. QuickStore being tightly coupled with QuickPlay, developers can browse the catalog of IP cores, find the ones that match their needs, and seamlessly integrate them in their QuickPlay design without having to pay any upfront costs. Indeed the IP cores are sold as-a-service, meaning that they are monetized when they are actually used, not when they are integrated in a design.


3rd Party Supplied

Find numerous IP cores from multiple 3rd party vendors from all over the world.

Self Service

License IP cores deploy instantly without 3rd-Party intervention and complex individual license agreements.


Build and test accelerator functions in hardware with fully functional IPcores without any upfront cost.

Domain IP Cores

Select high value IP cores built from domain and FPGA experts.

Seamless IP integration

All IP cores connect seamlessly in Quickplay, so you can create differentiated products in record time.


Purchase IP on a pay-per-use basis and only pay when the Accelerator Function is used or sold on AccelStore.

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