April 19, 2017
Accelize Integrates Amazon EC2 F1 Instance into its QuickPlay/QuickStore Framework


Amazon FPGA Image (AFI) developers will soon benefit from QuickPlay’s Software Defined FPGA development platform and QuickStore’s pay-per-use IP business model, further enabling FPGA Acceleration-as-a-Service.

San Francisco -- April 19, 2017 -- Accelize today announces that it is integrating the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) F1 instance into its QuickPlay®/QuickStore® framework. With this support, customers and partners can leverage the QuickPlay Software Defined FPGA development platform and its associated catalog of highly efficient 3rd party IP cores to seamlessly create Amazon FPGA Images (AFIs) regardless of their FPGA expertise. Beyond the availability of FPGAs in Cloud infrastructure, the success of FPGA Cloud acceleration also relies on the availability of pre-built accelerators that can be seamlessly loaded on the FPGA instances and the availability of a FPGA development flows that enable non-FPGA experts to create such accelerators efficiently and quickly. Accelize addresses both challenges with its QuickPlay/QuickStore framework. Leveraging its QuickPlay and QuickStore technology Accelize is building a large ecosystem of FPGA accelerator/AFI developers, who leverage the unique ease of design of QuickPlay and the availability of numerous affordable IP cores to create efficient AFI’s for numerous applications. With the Accelize solution they can create such AFI’s and add them to AWS Marketplace quickly and easily, leveraging the growing catalog of highly optimized 3rd Party IP cores without having to pay high upfront cost. Accelize is therefore welcoming 3rd party IP providers and accelerator/AFI developers to join the QuickAlliance ecosystem to take part in this FPGA Acceleration-as-a-Service revolution.

F1 instances represent a paradigm shift to the FPGA industry and will reshape the way people leverage the performance advantage brought by these FPGA devices.

said Jean-Yves Brena, Chief Executive Officer of Accelize.

The integration of the F1 instance into our framework will enable a large pool of FPGA accelerator developers to build a comprehensive catalog of efficient and targeted AFI’s – to be available on AWS Marketplace – that will make the F1 instances usable by a larger group of customers.

Accelize will demonstrate how developers can create FPGA designs for Amazon F1 instances at the Amazon hosted workshop at the FCCM conference in Napa, CA on April 30th. Visitors will also be able to chat with Accelize’s CTO and Chief Architect and try the QuickPlay tool flow at the exhibit.

For more information about the Accelize offering for AWS, please visit: https://www.accelize.com/aws-f1.

For more information about the AWS workshop at the FCCM conference, please visit: http://fccm.org/2017/workshop.html.

About Accelize

Spinoff of 20-year-old PLDA Group, Accelize aims to accelerate the adoption of FPGA-based reconfigurable hardware in IT infrastructures by streamlining the development and sale of FPGA accelerators with a unique, intuitive FPGA development flow and a business model that aligns with Could / data center needs. Its primary offerings, QuickPlay and QuickStore, are the result of years of research in the field of High-Level Design (HLD) and High-Level Synthesis (HLS) combined with the strong expertise in FPGA hardware and IP design. See www.accelize.com and follow @accelize on Twitter for more information.

Accelize, QuickPlay, and QuickStore are trademarks of PLDA Group.



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