September 08, 2017
The FPL17 Workshop: Designing for Amazon F1


The Accelize hands-on workshop to develop FPGA accelerators for Amazon F1 at FPL17 in Ghent, Belgium was a huge success.

Thanks to the organizers of FPL17 and our workshop attendees, who used the Accelize QuickPlay Developer AMI's (a cloud-based version of the QuickPlay tool flow running in AWS Cloud) to go through a complete FPGA design targeting the Amazon F1 platform in just under two hours. There was a mix of FPGA experts and SW developers who had no FPGA experience and all completed their FPGA accelerator for Amazon F1 faster than then could have thought possible.

The success of this workshop validates the Accelize vision to deliver FPGA Acceleration-as-a-Service by building an ecosystem of IP providers and accelerator developers (with or without FPGA expertise) who can quickly deliver efficient FPGA accelerators for Amazon F1 and other Cloud Service Providers by leveraging QuickPlay and the 3rd Party IP cores from our QuickAlliance Partners.

A video highlighting the workshop can be viewed here :



Tags: AWS, FPL17, Amazon F1, FPGA Accelerator