December 15, 2016
PLDA Group Spins Off its QuickPlay FPGA Accelerator Technology into the Newly Formed Accelize


Growing adoption of the QuickPlay and QuickStore platforms are driving the creation of a dedicated structure to further support and accelerate the deployment of FPGA accelerators in data centers

SAN JOSE, Calif., Dec. 15, 2016 - PLDA Group today announced the next step in its quest to make the hardware acceleration capabilities of FPGAs available to more developers: the spin-off of its QuickPlay® and QuickStore™ activities into a newly formed Accelize™ organization.

Accelize is dedicated to developing, marketing, and supporting technologies that make FPGA accelerator boards and appliances easier to acquire, build, and use. Accelize benefits from significant initial staffing—operating in offices in the USA and Europe—and today launched a new website for it at

QuickPlay has proven itself as an effective, high-level, graphical and C/C++ tool by which software engineers can implement data flow applications in FPGA boards efficiently with no hardware design expertise. It is used in conjunction with QuickStore, a collaborative online store offering both IP blocks for integration via QuickPlay, and ready-to-use FPGA accelerators already implemented for specific hardware platforms.

After generating positive market feedback and early customer successes, we’re ready to push this advanced technology even further,

said Arnaud Schleich, chief executive officer of PLDA Group.

FPGA accelerators are gaining momentum as key solutions for improving computing performance while reducing data center energy loads, yet they remain challenging to develop or even source. Accelize solves both problems.

Accelize accelerators exploit the massive parallel processing capability of FPGAs, and have been proven to significantly reduce the burden on CPUs for compute-intensive workloads in data centers and for cloud-based computing. Applications to date include data compression, encryption and cryptography, deep learning, and image and video processing.

Several IP blocks and accelerators are available in the Accelize QuickStore. This offering is expanding rapidly thanks to the contribution of the third-party companies part of the growing QuickAlliance partnership program.

More information about Accelize can be found on or by contacting the Accelize team at Accelize, QuickPlay, and QuickStore are trademarks of PLDA Group.


Accelize, 2570 N. 1st Street, 2nd floor, San Jose, CA 95131, USA
Accelize Public Relations:, (408) 273-4528

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