Making FPGA-Acceleration-as-a-Service a Reality for OVH Cloud

Bringing the power of FPGA to developers of Cloud applications not only requires access to FPGA-enabled servers, but most importantly requires domain-specific FPGA accelerators with accelerated functions that can seamlessly be integrated into these applications, as well as the tool flow enabling developers to customize or build custom FPGA accelerators.

This objective is fueling the partnership with OVH with the launch of a joint solution allowing OVH RunAbove Cloud developers to utilize Accelize' pre-built FPGA accelerators and the QuickPlay tool flow to easily repurpose the RunAbove FPGA servers by customizing or creating their very own accelerators.

The platform is also available to hardware and system developers looking to create differentiated FPGA Accelerators for use by OVH RunAbove application developers.

Using FPGA Accelerators in the OVH Cloud

Users of RunAbove FPGA servers can test a growing selection of pre-built accelerators (compression, encryption, encoding, …) and evaluate the acceleration benefit that FPGA can bring to their Cloud Applications. With the QuickPlay development toolkit, users can also develop their own FPGA accelerators without requiring any hardware expertise. Accelerator developers can subscribe to a RunAbove FPGA server and create their own accelerators to be sold through QuickStore as a standalone product or as-a-Service in supported Cloud infrastructures. Check out the available accelerators and learn how to integrate accelerated compute functions into your Cloud applications.


Be a part of the FPGA-as-a-Service Revolution!

Are you an IP vendor?

Join the growing number of IP vendors part of our QuickAlliance ecosystem and monetize your FPGA IP on a global scale. Once integrated within our Platform, your IP becomes a fully interoperable software component that requires minimal sales, marketing, and engineering investment while being completely secured from a technical and business standpoint.

Are you a technology company eager to develop AFIs or FPGA accelerators?

Our Solution abstracts all the aspects of FPGA development, including FPGA hardware, FPGA design, FPGA tools, FPGA deployment and monetization allowing you to concentrate on your expertise, develop differentiated accelerators in record time, and sell widely with an innovative business model.


Partnering for Success

With CSPs providing the Cloud infrastructure and Accelize providing the tools to develop, deploy, and monetize FPGA accelerators, the partnership with IP vendors and Accelerator developers remains a key element to a complete offering. While CAST, Barco Silex and Logic Fruit are pioneering this FPGA-as-a-Service revolution, providing compression and encryption accelerators, Accelize is engaging with several other vendors and welcoming IP providers and Accelerator developers into the QuickAlliance Ecosystem.