A Thriving Ecosystem

The QuickAlliance program brings together leading providers of FPGA Accelerators,  IP and libraries, FPGA boards and platforms, and design services into one unified ecosystem where out-of-the-box user experience and ease of design are paramount. By delivering their products within QuickStore, QuickAlliance members lower their cost of sale and support while exposing their products to a whole new population of developers.

Benefits of the QuickAlliance Program for Partners

Increased products visibility and access to new untapped pool of developers of emerging FPGA accelerated applications.

Guaranteed IP and FPGA platform interoperability in QuickPlay means lowest cost of support.

QuickStore Clickwrap licensing and secured eCommerce features streamline sales process, ensuring lowest cost of sale.

QuickStore DRM allows for flexible pricing models for IP, including pay-as-you-go, and instant pricing updates.

Cloud implementation guarantees highest level of protection for IP cores, including anti-copy and anti-cloning.

Access to a disruptive software-defined FPGA development workflow for increased design productivity and accelerated development cycles.


IP Partners

QuickAlliance IP Core and Library partners provide a selection of application-targeted IP Cores and libraries in C or HDL that seamlessly integrate and interoperate in QuickStore and QuickPlay.

Accelize redefines IP and library integration on FPGA so users can concentrate on what matters.

Board & Platform Partners

QuickAlliance hardware partners provide QuickPlay-compatible FPGA boards and platforms that are readily available in QuickPlay. Developers of FPGA accelerators can seamlessly target any of the supported FPGA hardware platform to create their own FPGA accelerator. No hardware expertise required.

Design Services Partners

QuickAlliance Design Services members leverage QuickPlay and QuickStore ease of use as a productivity booster to deliver additional value to their customers, by developing accelerator applications that can be deployed instantly on supported platforms. They assist Accelize users in various aspects of the design including turnkey accelerator design and creation of highly optimized processing kernels.