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QuickStore is the online store that brings together developers and users of FPGA accelerators. Developers of FPGA-accelerated applications - whether in the Cloud or on-premise - can seamlessly find, evaluate, rent or purchase accelerators developed by QuickAlliance members. Developers can also customize these accelerators or build their own accelerators - without hardware or FPGA expertise - by using the QuickPlay software development tool flow along with drag-and-drop FPGA IP offered in QuickStore.

QuickStore Key Features

Secured e-Commerce

Securely purchase IP and Apps with our SSL-encrypted online store.


License IP and Apps and use or deploy instantly without 3rd-party intervention.


Build and test accelerators in hardware with free, fully functional IP cores.

Domain IP Cores

Select high value data center IP cores and build differentiated accelerators in record time.

Seamless IP Integration

QuickStore IP and Apps integrate seamlessly in QuickPlay through a set of standardized C++ APIs.


Purchase IP on a pay-per-use model and save a bunch on licensing costs.

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