October 10, 2017
NAGASE Partners with Accelize Extending FPGA Acceleration-as-a-Service to Complex Data Analytics


October 10, 2017 - Tokyo, Japan and Aix-en-Provence, France –  NAGASE & CO., LTD., a developer of an unique search engine, and Accelize, an enabler of FPGA Acceleration-as-a-Service, today announced that NAGASE will make its Axonerve™ search IP core available through the QuickAlliance™ network. By becoming a QuickAlliance ecosystem partner, NAGASE joins a growing number of world-class IP providers that offer their IP cores via the Accelize platform for plug-and-play creation and configuration of FPGA accelerators. Through this partnership, NAGASE’s advanced content-oriented search technology will be available to the fast-growing community of Cloud FPGA users. Accelize will feature a demonstration of the combined benefit of the Axonerve high-performance search IP and the Accelize framework at OVH summit in Paris on October 17, 2017.

“Accelize is enabling a paradigm shift in how the Cloud industry leverages the benefits of FPGAs with its FPGA Acceleration-as-a-service solution,” said Kiyoshi Sato, General manager of NAGASE.  “By being part of the QuickAlliance ecosystem, a growing number of accelerator developers will be able to select, test and integrate our IP into FPGA accelerators without needing FPGA design expertise or costly, complex licensing arrangements. As a QuickAlliance partner, our IP can be easily  integrated into a wide range of designs for multiple Cloud Service Provider instances.  We can’t see a better way to tap into the huge opportunity that FPGAs in the cloud represents.”

The QuickAlliance program brings together leading providers of FPGA accelerators, IP cores and libraries, FPGA boards and platforms, and design services into one unified ecosystem. FPGA accelerator developers use QuickPlay to create and customize accelerators. QuickPlay enables software developers to combine highly optimized IP cores provided by the QuickAlliance members (such as the Axonerve search IP being announced today) with their own custom functions. These accelerators can then be deployed on premise or as a service on Cloud Service Providers’ instances. By delivering products within QuickStore, QuickAlliance members gain access to a wider community of developers with no up-front costs.

“As we continue to work to empower FPGA Acceleration-as-a-Service, we welcome NAGASE to our QuickAlliance ecosystem,” says Stephane Monboisset Director of Marketing and Business Development at Accelize. “Data Analytics will be a major pillar of FPGA acceleration in the Cloud, and it is essential for our customers to be able to have access to a wide range of high-value IP cores such as the Axonerve IP.”

IP providers interested in joining the QuickAlliance program should contact Accelize to understand how they can take part in this FPGA-as-a-service revolution.


About Axonerve

Axonerve is an IP core using pure, domestic proprietary algorithms and includes a wild card search function. It is suitable for applications such as networking, data mining, high-performance computing, and can perform search processing with high speed and low latency. For more information, visit us www.axonerve.com.


About Accelize

Accelize, a spinoff of PLDA Group, is focused on accelerating the adoption of FPGAs in the Cloud. With its QuickPlay software-defined FPGA development environment, QuickStore pay-per-use marketplace and QuickAlliance network of 3rd party accelerators and IP cores, Accelize is enabling FPGA Acceleration-as-a-service for Cloud Service Providers and developers looking to create, deploy, and monetize FPGA accelerators in IT infrastructures.  For more information, visit www.accelize.com


Accelize, QuickPlay, QuickStore, and QuickAlliance are trademarks of PLDA Group.

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June 22, 2016
PLDA GROUP launches QuickStore, a unique online Marketplace for developers and users of FPGA accelerators


Combination of QuickPlay’s innovative Software Defined FPGA development platform and QuickStore self-service IP library enables non FPGA experts to create FPGA designs rapidly and efficiently.

SAN JOSE, Calif., June 22nd, 2016 - Today, PLDA GROUP announces the launch of its QuickStore online marketplace where QuickPlay users can select FPGA IP from multiple vendors to be used within their FPGA designs. QuickStore is a critical element of the QuickPlay strategy to bring FPGA design to a large audience of developers, way beyond the traditional pool of FPGA experts.

I feel PLDA is onto something with QuickPlay

said Dick Selwood of EEJournal.

But a great tool is typically not enough, and PLDA’s focus on the ecosystem, rather than just a standalone tool, is a shrewd decision, which should give PLDA an edge in a difficult, yet fast-growing market.

Today, the use of IP in FPGA designs is a challenge for most users:

Finding the right IP is a long process that often requires interactions with numerous IP vendors
Integrating IP can be difficult and costly when having to navigate documentation, customization options, and heterogeneous user interfaces
Evaluating IP in hardware is often limited or impractical, based on a predefined configuration or part of a specific design that are far from the conditions of the final deployment
IP vendors must cope with these challenges, consequently focusing on servicing a small number of high-value customers and ignoring a large number of smaller customers.

The objective with QuickStore is to provide developers with IP that is easy to integrate and evaluate in QuickPlay, affordable to license, and therefore at reach of all potential users. For this QuickStore offers:

Simple access: a growing selection of IP from multiple vendors directly available to all QuickPlay users in application domains such as datacenter, vision, imaging.
Effortless integration: The Plug and Play nature of QuickPlay guaranties seamless connection of IP, and simplifies integration of new IP.
Push-button evaluation: QuickPlay offers a built-in try-before-you-buy that enhances users’ confidence in their IP selection and security for the IP vendor.
Direct purchase: QuickStore offers a simple one stop shop where QuickPlay users can procure multiple IP from multiple vendors at once.
Flexible licensing: QuickPlay changes the paradigm for IP sales as it offers a pay as you go mechanism. The simplified sales process and reduced support effort enable IP vendors to fully leverage QuickPlay’s runtime licensing model. Customers pay per instantiation of the IP and are therefore not penalized by the traditional high upfront cost of IP.

All in all, QuickStore enables IP offering to meet IP demand in a way that was not possible before. For IP vendors QuickStore offers Intellectual Property Protection, ensuring that their valuable IP will not get lost or be misused, and Business Protection, ensuring that they will get remunerated according to the usage of their IP. For FPGA users QuickStore provides access to high value IP that were out of reach of many engineers because of their upfront cost and their complexity to integrate.

The combination of QuickPlay and QuickStore puts the barriers to FPGA adoption lower than ever before: QuickPlay for its true Software-Defined approach to FPGA design, and QuickStore for enabling an ecosystem that bridges the gap between vendors of FPGA design pieces and developers of FPGA enabled applications.

When we launched QuickPlay in early 2015 it was clear that this tool had the potential to bring the FPGA devices at reach of a much larger community of developers

said Gael Paul, CTO and Chief Architect for QuickPlay,

but it was also clear that reducing the barriers to adoption of IP was going to be as critical an element in the offering. I am proud to see this vision becoming a reality today with QuickStore.


As of today QuickStore contains IP from ALSE, Auviz Systems, CAST, Concurrent EDA, Crucial IP, Enyx and Image Matters. Work is currently ongoing to add IP from additional vendors in the near future.

IP vendors interested to join the QuickAlliance and make their IP available on the QuickStore marketplace should contact the partnership group at alliance@quickplay.io

Users looking to learn more about QuickPlay, QuickStore and interested to start a QuickPlay project can visit http://www.quickplay.io or sign up for a QuickPlay account at http://quickstore.quickplay.io 


Product Availability:

QuickPlay v2.1 is available today and supports numerous boards from Xilinx, ReFLEX and Image Matters. More FPGA platforms are being considered. The tool can be evaluated at no cost. Please visit QuickPlay online at www.quickplay.io or contact the QuickPlay team for details.

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