We’re excited to announce our newest customer Confinity Solutions.

About Confinity Solutions

a FINTECH startup with mature products

Established in 2016 and based in Germany, Confinity solutions is a third-party company with which IBM® has an agreement to resell Confinity Low Latency Messaging (CLLM) software to allow both existing and new customers in this space to have a sales and support point of contact with IBM for this product.

CLLM is the successor to the IBM’s WebSphere MQ LLM offering whereas Confinity Market Data System (CMDS) is that to IBM WebSphere Front Office. Today, CLLM has wide application in financial markets trading ideal for this new world of exchanges which are multi-asset, multi-model, all dependent on flexible, robust technology.

Develop high-volume low-latency solutions

Confinity Solutions

How the Accelize Distribution Platform

fits Confinity Solutions needs?

Confinity Solutions Low Latency messaging (CLLM) system will embrace the Accelize Distribution Platform to enlarge their business model offering and enable IP evaluation to their customers.

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By Jean-Michel Frouin on 29 December 2020