We’re excited to announce our newest customer LDA Tech

About LDA Technologies:

Leading provider of high-end FPGA-oriented solutions

LDA Technologies is a team of leading engineers with over 20 years of experience in product design.

The name stands for Live Data Acceleration Technologies and goes back to 2010 when the company was founded as a consultancy and ODM firm specializing in FPGA-based acceleration. The first several years LDA Technologies worked directly and exclusively with a US-based company supplying IT services to private trading shops.

Since 2016, LDA, while maintaining a solid presence in FPGA consulting services field, shifted the main focus to releasing new products under its own brand name.


ALL THINGS FPGA: Device/ IP Core/ Consulting

LDA Tech

How the Accelize Distribution Platform

fits LDA Tech needs?

LDA Tech will leverage the Accelize Distribution Platftform to sell their Ultra-Low Latency IPs to their Customer.
The Accelize Distribution will allow more flexible business model options and easier evaluation thanks to the Accelize DRM solution

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By Jean-Michel Frouin on 8 December 2020