We’re excited to announce our newest customer Moffett.Ai

About Moffett AI

A perspective startup in Silicon Valley

Moffett AI is a perspective startup in Silicon Valley founded by a group of AI research scientists from Carnegie Mellon University and semiconductor veterans from Intel, Qualcomm, and Marvell.

They are building the world’s next generation AI computation platform, from ground up, bringing innovative domain-specific architecture to AI chips to achieve next level performance.

We are computer scientists, chip designers, doers and dreamers. We bring innovative domain specific architecture to AI chips to chieve next level performance.

Moffett AI

How the Accelize Distribution Platform

fits Moffett AI needs?

Moffett AI was looking for a pay-per-use solution to sell their application for on-premise and
Cloud environments.
The Accelize Distribution Platform was able to provide them with pay-per-use licensing, billing,
and invoicing through a turnkey platform and full compatibility with every execution environment
they were targeting.

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By Jean-Michel Frouin on 24 November 2020