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 Can you describe in a few words who you are and your activity at Xilinx?

Hi everyone, my name is Bingqing Guo and I am the SW and AI Product Marketing manager of Xilinx. Now I’m driving two products from Xilinx, the App Store and VitisTM AI, and I’m responsible for the products go-to-market plan, users growth and the top opportunity management.

 How do you summarize the Xilinx App Store value proposition?

Although as a traditional semiconductor chip company, Xilinx continues to bring a better user experience through innovative ways, and Xilinx App Store is just such a way. Its greatest value is to provide a one-stop platform for developers, Xilinx ecosystem partners and Xilinx itself at the same time.

On this platform, there are rich and high-quality FPGA-based applications from Xilinx ISVs that open to all users; users can also evaluate, download and purchase within a few minutes.

The entire process is as convenient as any online shopping store (Amazon, eBay…) we are familiar with, anywhere, anytime. This will provide the possibility for more users to develop more interesting applications on FPGA and ACAP.

Xilinx is publishing numerous applications on the Xilinx App Store. How will Xilinx customers benefit from this?

For Xilinx customers, this is a unified marketplace that host the applications for cloud-end, on-premises, and the edge-end. There are currently dozens of apps targeting multiple Alveo accelerator cards, Kria SoM kit KV260, and part of the apps are available on AWS, and this number is still increasing. These apps are designed for different scenario, like the Neural Network-based Video Super Resolution from BlueDot, the Sparse Visual Search solution from Moffett AI, Random Number Generator IP from Secure-IC and Xiphera, Large Genomic Dataset Analysis from Huxelerate, and even Xilinx MLPerf benchmark demo, Vitis AI 1.4…to meet different customer needs.

Besides, the evaluation flow is super easy. Each application has an independent docker container, which is very convenient to be pulled and ran on customer’s environment. This step eliminates the needs for users to deploy and can get the processing result directly. Very soon, we will announce an important feature, which is also an important upgrade of the App Store. With the upcoming new feature, the process for users to evaluate on the cloud-end will be further simplified, even without an account or a hardware platform.

Last but not least, the check-out flow also takes just a few steps by getting entitled and purchasing in seconds with credit card. The whole flow is secured and flexible with multiple subscription plan.

In summary, we hope to provide users with more choices through Xilinx App Store, and we also hope that more partners will join our store to become sellers for your apps.

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Xilinx App Store

Pre-Built Applications for Alveo Data Center Accelerator Cards and Kria SOMs.

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By Jean-Michel Frouin on 3 September 2021