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Who you are and your activity at Peakspeed?

My name is Dave Zimmerman. I have spent the last 30+ years as a software consultant developing and leading teams writing enterprise-grade, responsively scalable, strategic applications applied to everything from online banking and the healthcare industry to flight simulators and NASCAR performance testing.

As the VP of Software Engineering at Peakspeed, I help coordinate a set of dedicated, uniquely skilled engineers who are breaking the speed barriers around satellite image processing with a strategic use of FPGAs and all the disciplined process and benchmarking required for
success and efficiency at this endeavor.

How do you summarize the Peakspeed value proposition?

Peakspeed offers solutions and expertise for accelerating workflows and reducing compute time using
FPGA and HPC technology. For example, we have developed a very fast image orthorectification application running on the Xilinx Alveo FPGA Acceleration Cards. The improvements we have measured
are 100X – 200X faster than a comparable CPU based solution. These results are typical of projects we
have worked on for our clients. We also provide FPGA and HPC expertise to clients who want to analyze
and apply these technologies in their own enterprise projects.

Peakspeed is a flagship member of the Xilinx App Store, what benefits will you get out of it, and what benefits will customers get?

Peakspeed is excited to be a part of the Xilinx App Store rollout and to give clients and prospects access to the latest FPGA technology advancements. The market for cloud-based capabilities for this technology is taking off and Xilinx is providing  significant leadership.

For our customers, the use of cloud-based resources gives them the ability to quickly evaluate these advanced solutions to see how they could meet their needs with very little up-front investment of time or money. This cloud-service enablement of the Xilinx App Store has significantly lowered the bar for customers to incorporate these ground-breaking solutions into their own development pipelines giving them the flexibility to scale up to meet the rocketing pressures for low-latency performance which the geospatial industry is requiring right now.

Contact info

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Dave Zimmerman

VP of Engineering  | peakspeed.io
p: +1 (651) 246-2378
e:  z@peakspeed.io


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By Jean-Michel Frouin on 11 January 2021