WORDS FROM Kimmo Järvinen

Chief Technology Officer  Co-founder of Xiphera Ltd.

“Everyone needs security, but designing security is not for everyone.”


Can you describe in a few words who you are and your activity at Xiphera?

I am Kimmo Järvinen, CTO and one of the two co-founders of Xiphera Ltd. My background is in the academia. I received my doctoral degree in 2008 after which I have had multiple researcher positions in different universities in Finland and in Belgium. My research topics have included applied cryptography and cryptographic engineering and I have published more than 60 scientific articles about these topics.

In 2017, I cofounded Xiphera together with Matti Tommiska, our CEO. My main responsibilities as the CTO of Xiphera are to take care of technical security and cryptography related aspects and to lead our research and development.

How do you summarise the Xiphera value proposition?

Information security is based on cryptography, and cryptography is best implemented in digital hardware.

Xiphera Ltd. is a flagship of the recently launched Xilinx AppStore. Which benefits will you get from it? And what about your customers?

Being amongst the pioneers who have been included in the launch of Xilinx App Store increases both our visibility and credibility. Our customers will be able to test and validate our solutions with real FPGA hardware before making a decision to license them for commercial use.

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By Jean-Michel Frouin on 16 March 2021