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Bringing FPGA Acceleration to the Data Center

Accelize enables technology companies to build and deploy FPGA accelerators quickly, seamlessly and without FPGA expertise. Compute-intensive workloads such as compression, encryption and cryptography, deep learning, image and video processing benefit greatly from specialized FPGA accelerators to reduce the burden on CPUs. Our FPGA-based workload accelerators are available as adapters and appliances ready to be deployed, but can be further customized and even built from the ground up - in record time.

About the Applications

Our Visionary Solution


The online store where developers and IT professionals shop for IP and off-the-shelf accelerators


About QuickStore



The Software-defined FPGA development platform for building custom accelerators in record time


About QuickPlay


Leading providers of IP, hardware, and accelerators come together in one unified ecosystem


About QuickAlliance

Our Technology

The technology at the core of QuickStore and QuickPlay solves the many challenges that are slowing down the adoption of FPGA as a high performance compute fabric in IT infrastructures: difficult access, painful integration and high price of IP, specialized programming model and languages, unfamiliar tool chains, painful debug, and long design cycles.

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Latest News

16 Dec

PLDA Group Spins Off its QuickPlay FPGA Accelerator Technology into the Newly Formed Accelize

Growing adoption of the QuickPlay and QuickStore platforms are driving the creation of a dedicated structure to further support and accelerate the deployment of FPGA accelerators in data centers

10 Oct

An Ideal FPGA Development Platform for Computer Vision Applications

In this article published in the inVision magazine (issue 5, October 2016), discover how the QuickPlay workflow can help build custom FPGA-accelerated 10GigE Vision Frame Grabbers in a snap.

09 Aug

CAST and PLDA GROUP Demonstrate x86-Compliant High Compression Ratio GZIP Acceleration on FPGA, Accessible to non-FPGA Experts Using the QuickPlay Software Defined FPGA Development Tool

The two companies demonstrate a 30+Gbps high compression ratio GZIP accelerator running on a Xilinx-based FPGA platform that can be used as is or customized by developers without hardware expertise.

02 Aug

PLDA GROUP Announces Tighter Collaboration with Xilinx on Vivado HLS to Enhance Software Programmability of Xilinx FPGAs in QuickPlay

Users of QuickPlay 2.1 can now benefit from a streamlined flow to integrate Vivado HLS kernels within QuickPlay and benefit from the most advanced High Level Synthesis tool for FPGA.

22 Jun

Adeas, ALSE, Auviz Systems, CAST, Concurrent EDA, Crucial IP, Enyx and Image Matters join the QuickAlliance Ecosystem

Market leaders are joining PLDA GROUP in its journey to reduce the barriers to FPGA adoption by seamlessly delivering their IP solutions to the fast growing community of QuickPlay users.

22 Jun

PLDA GROUP launches QuickStore, a unique online Marketplace for developers and users of FPGA accelerators

Combination of QuickPlay’s innovative Software Defined FPGA development platform and QuickStore self-service IP library enables non FPGA experts to create FPGA designs rapidly and efficiently.

10 May

FPGAs for the Masses? Read the article by Dick Selwood in EE Journal

Freeing FPGA Implementation from the Hardware Designer's Grip

02 May

PLDA Group and Auviz Systems Team up to Deliver FPGA-based Computer Vision Accelerators with QuickPlay, the Next-generation Software-defined FPGA Development Environment

Integration of Auviz middleware IP with QuickPlay enabled rapid development of a Color Detection Application that will be showcased at the Embedded Vision Summit, May 2-4, 2016.

01 May

QuickPlay to Exhibit at Embedded Vision Summit 2016

See how QuickPlay simplifies and accelerates the development of FPGA based Vision and Imaging applications.

17 Apr

QuickPlay @ NAB 2016 with Image Matters

See how QuickPlay can address your next gen broadcast needs with Image Matters @NAB 2016.