Accelize at Xilinx Developer Forum 2019

Accelize at Xilinx Developer Forum 2019

Xilinx Developer Forum 2019 is days away, and we’re very excited because we will be making a debut at this show and we have a lot of cool stuff to show.

First, a world premiere. At XDF we will be demonstrating the Accelize platform and with it – the first FPGA UHD HEVC Encoder! That beauty has been developed by V-Nova, which combined their P+ video stream enhancer with the NGCodec/Xilinx HD Encoder. And that is powered by Accelize!

NGCodec/Xilinx delivered their Encoder as an SDAccel .xo encrypted object that includes our DRM protection IP. V-Nova instantiated the Encoder along with their own kernels (also with our DRM IP), and hooked-up our DRM Controller, also delivered as .xo kernel object. Finally, V-Nova used our platform to acquire an entitlement to unlock the NGCodec/Xilinx IP, against an undisclosed revenue sharing model. Et voila, a complete application that combines IPs from multiple parties, fully protects the intellectual property of each vendor, and automatically distributes the revenue among them. Yeah, we’re so proud of this unique achievement… only with Accelize!

Second, our brand new deployment solution called AccelPy. Setting-up a server for execution for an FPGA-accelerated software is a real pain, with vastly different configurations for each cloud vendor and each on-premise environment. We naturally opted to leverage Docker containers and Kubernetes to achieve application portability and deployment. We leverage Ansible for software deployment, and Terraform to provision FPGA instances automatically. The end result is a simple Python command to provision the infrastructure, and a simple Kubernetes command to deploy the application at scale. And AccelPy is open-source – that’s our way to contribute to the FPGA acceleration community. Pretty cool, hey? Stay tune as we will tell you a lot more about in the near future.

// Define application and its infrastructure configuration
accelpy init -a hevc_enc_cfg.yml -p aws,eu-west-1,f1

// Provision application stack
accelpy apply

// Deprovision 
accelpy destroy

// Build image for immutable deployments
accelpy build

// Deploy application pods in Kubernetes cluster
kubectl apply -f hevc_enc_k8s_deployment.yml

With all that, it would be a shame if you don’t come visit us at XDF 2019 in San Jose to see all these cool beans live. We’ll have a tiny booth, but a grand appreciation of your interest!

By Gael Paul on 19 September 2019