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Logic Fruit Technologies

"Embedding technology. Expanding the Future."

Logic Fruit Technologies

 Can you describe in a few words who you are and your activity at Logic-Fruit?

My name is Sanjeev Kumar and I am the CEO and Co-Founder of Logic Fruit Technologies which we started in 2009.

I am responsible for the growth of the company and managing relationship with different stakeholders. I also manage key accounts, head International Sales and mentor the hardware department.

 How do you summarize Logic-Fruit’s value proposition?

A R&D focused product engineering company, Logic Fruit is a leading provider of high-speed protocol IPs and Embedded Solutions for high performance systems.

The company has specific experience in FPGA Design & Hardware Design, RTL Testing, variety of Digital Protocols, Communication Buses and Tools, including 1G, 10G Ethernet, PCIe, DIGRF, USB3.0, STM, HDMI, and software-defined radio (SDR), as well as Encryption, Protocol Compliance, Signal Generation, Data Analysis, IoT Technology, and Multiple Image Processing Techniques. In addition to providing traditional complex FPGA design services, Logic Fruit has complimented its offering with latest AI/ML and in-line processing use-cases for heterogeneous applications.

Logic Fruit provides high-performance and low-latency solutions by utilizing FPGAs, CPUs and GPUs in optimal configurations. With a portfolio of over 50 IP blocks, a team with 200+ engineers, industry knowledge and technological know-how, Logic Fruit can rapidly develop and deploy best-in-class, customer-defined embedded solutions.

Logic Fruit Technologies is a member of Xilinx App Store.

How will Xilinx customers benefit from this?

We aim to utilize the Xilinx App Store as a distribution channel for our various solutions in order to benefit from Xilinx’s global marketing reach and industry leadership in FPGA market which is a key domain for us. We will be able to offer customer quick access to the product with easy-to-use and accessible payment models with quality service. It will also allow the customers to discover our product engineering services and FPGA design capabilities.

Xilinx’s customer will get access to superior solutions from a company with strong FPGA expertise. As a product engineering company, we can further customize the solutions to cater to specific needs of the customer while providing the benefit of competitive costing and shorter time-to-market.

We look forward to a long-term strategic partnership that will be mutually beneficial.

Contact info

Visit www.logic-fruit.com and stay informed on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

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By Jean-Michel Frouin on 30 July 2021