Release: Distribution platform 2.3 now available

Release: Distribution platform 2.3 now available


Accelize makes available today a major service update which provides some enhancements and improvements including support for Billing and Invoicing. This 2.3.2 release also fixes graphical bugs affecting previous versions.

The full list of enhancements and new features are:

– Add section “Protected IPs” to manage your IPs
– Add section “Balance / Dashboard” to view bank activity
– Add process to onboard vendor on the platform and on Stripe partner.
– Creation of Pricing Plan with non-null amount requires the enterprise validation
– Subscription and One-Off plans are now generating charges and invoices if enterprise is validated
– Entitlement
=> Now possible to cancel an active subscription
=> Vendor can force activation if want to activate the right before the actual payment.
=> Reference to last invoices added in the default view
=> New status is displayed to reflect the state of the entitlement and payment status
=> Activation directly dependent on payment flow and real time
– Invoice
=> Online payment supported
=> Wire payment supported
=> US invoice supported

By Alexandre Campos on 5 June 2019