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"One day, security will be worth more than the devices"


Can you describe in a few words who you are and your activity at Secure-IC?

My name is Hassan Triqui, I am the co-founder and CEO of Secure-IC.

Secure-IC has recently achieved its first ten years of business. It is the only global provider of end-to end embedded cybersecurity solutions. Our mission is to protect connected objects from cyber-physical threats and malicious attacks. To do so, we provide cutting-edge protection technologies that are embedded into hundreds of millions of products such as smartphones, computers, automotive chipsets, smart grids or passports for the best technology companies worldwide, as well as security evaluation tools and expertise support throughout the lifecycle of devices.

We were born in France and now have operations in more than 20 countries with offices in France (Rennes, Paris), Singapore, Japan (Tokyo) and we recently announced the opening of our US subsidiary and we will soon do the same for China.

We are a customer centric company so we are getting closer to them to better serve their interests and needs.

 How do you summarize the Secure-IC value proposition?

Secure-IC creates trust in data.

Having the guarantee that the object or the device we use is secure is crucial for anybody, it needs what is called a Root-of-Trust. 

In the near future, in a world of devices interconnected to the Cloud (the Internet of Things or the Internet of Everything), each and every object could be a threat to the whole network. This will be ever more critical. Starting from there, Secure-IC assesses that security represents the most important asset of the digital world.

Going forward, all devices will need to integrate a Secure Element as a basis for trust.

Secure-IC has chosen to support its clients throughout and beyond the IC design process and during the entire life-time of their product. Relying on a unique approach called PESC (Protect, Evaluate, Service & Certify), we provide Silicon-proven protection technologies, integrated Secure Elements and security evaluation platforms to reach compliance with the highest level of certification for different markets (such as automotive, AIoT, defense, payments & transactions, memory & storage, server & cloud).

And because threats are constantly evolving, Secure-IC has launched an innovation engine called the Security Science Factory to conduct active research and development activity, generate new solutions and share its knowledge with its clients and community so that they maintain the highest level of threat protection and awareness.

Secure-IC promotes a vision “from Chip to Cloud” trust. And this is why we are a pioneer in cloud-based security.

Secure-IC is a flagship of the recently launched Xilinx AppStore. Which benefits will you get from it? And what about your customers?

Thanks to Xilinx and Accelize, Secure-IC will be able to offer its clients the possibility to test a protection technology they want to deploy. Xilinx provides the AppStore and Accelize the technology that allows to monitor and control the access to our IPs.

We have chosen to begin sharing our “Digital True Random Number Generator” IP. This choice is meaningful since the ability to generate true randomness with very unique stochastic model represents the very essence of every security mechanism.

This will be followed shortly by our other technologies made available to our customers.

Then, Xilinx cloud-based Appstore and our IPs technologies available as a service will enhance our clients’ user experience. 

Indeed, when a client will be willing to launch a new application that needs secure elements, he will be able to test the functions in advance by calling our IP directly in the cloud, using the Securyzr Framework the device will embed. 

To begin with, we are able to provide to our customers with very simple API and activation process to use high-end entropy source.

Last, we think this model will foster innovation and that new models will emerge, using these functions as a service.

It is an important milestone for the company which is in line with Secure-IC’s strategic vision to accelerate the deployment of our protection technologies and deliver security life cycle management of devices from Chip to Cloud.

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By Jean-Michel Frouin on 19 January 2021